Started the book today…

…and so far so good.  This is one of a few books that I didn’t open to a random page to read before actually starting to read from the beginning. (Whew that was a really long sentence–is it even a sentence or just rambling?)

If you haven’t gotten the book yet, you can find the smaller paperback at Target for like $5 and change. That’s where I picked up my copy. In fact, all the books we have planned you can pick up at Target. (Hey Target, can I get some sort of free gift or even sponsorship for all the shoppers I’m sending your way?)

I’ll be posting more discussion questions in the next couple weeks leading up to our meeting date. If you know someone that doesn’t actually live in Austin but would like to join us, tell them come on. I’ll be doing a live discussion via comments on our meeting day. They just won’t be able to partake in the beer or food. But we can take pictures and send it to them 🙂

So this is totally going left field, but what does everyone plan on doing with the book once we’re done reading it? Will you add it to your book case as a great read for another day?


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